The Digital Healthcare Podcast

The Digital Healthcare podcast focuses on the change agents that are reshaping the healthcare industry through the use of digital technology. Conversations will range across the industry - touching on pharma, regulators, payers, providers, and most importantly PATIENTS! The goal of the podcast is to inform the industry about changes that are happening today across multiple silos and begin the conversation towards improved processes, technology, and change. The show is hosted by Bryan Messersmith (@bmess5)

In conversation with:

Episode 12: Varun Goyal

Varun Goyal is a digital healthcare entrepreneur who is in the process of launching Illuminate health - which will provide self-administration medication assistance using a digital app. He shares his many adventures experienced while launching the app along with how it compares to his previous role.

Episode 13: Gabriela Mustata Wilson 

Gabriela is a health informatics wizard who is currently the Chair and Associate Professor of Health Informatics and Information Management program at the University of Southern Indiana. Her previous positions include HIMSS Indiana Chapter President, multiple leadership positions at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and Adjunct Faculty at Carnegie Mellon.

Episode 16: Chuck Christian

Chuck Christian is the Executive Engagement Director of the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), the nation’s largest Health Information Exchange. Most recently, he served as the VP of Technology & Engagement at IHIE. Prior to joining IHIE, Chuck served as the Vice President / Chief Information Officer of St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. Before his role at St. Francis, Chuck served as the Chief Information Officer for Good Samaritan Hospital, in Vincennes, Indiana. A position he held for almost 24 years. Chuck is a HIMSS Fellow and is a Past Chair of the HIMSS Board of Directors