Webinar: Optimizing IT Infrastructure Through Converged Technologies

March 15, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT


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Enterprise IT infrastructure plays a critical and ever increasing role in the ability for premiere health care organizations, hospitals, and providers to provide the high level of patient care expected by both patients and physicians/staff. While pressured to provide the best healthcare experience possible - enabled by IT - most IT organizations supporting hospital operation workloads are continuously under pressure to reduce expense, to be more responsive and flexible, and to provide more value than ever before. Understanding the changes facing the infrastructure market and evaluating new technologies/concepts to run data center operations is critical to helping IT adapt within healthcare. To help move patient care and experience, to increase capabilities for health care providers, and to reduce operating cost, IT must look to smart capital investment and implementation of new technologies. This session will look at how the IT infrastructure landscape is changing and ways with which IT can begin providing "Healthcare IT as a Service" instead of just providing and managing back office infrastructure.