The Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza Event

A competition to unlock the power of data to support OB Navigator and ultimately improve health outcomes for Indiana’s mothers and infants


Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb has set an ambitious goal to greatly reduce the State’s infant mortality rate and achieve the lowest rate among Midwestern states by 2024. One step to achieving this is the OB Navigator program, a collaboration between the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) and the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS). This initiative builds a network of services and support to wrap our arms around moms and babies to create healthier outcomes for both. As part of Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Agenda, he signed into law House Enrolled Act 1007, which established the program. 13 counties are currently scheduled for launch with future additions anticipated.


To support these efforts, Indiana HIMSS in coordination with FSSA, ISDH, Indiana Management Performance Hub (MPH), the Regenstrief Institute, and KSM Consulting will conduct a data visualization and analytics challenge hosted by Parkview Health in Fort Wayne. Allen County’s status as a priority county to launch OB Navigator, along with its efforts to improve maternal and infant health, including Parkview’s high number of maternal home visits, makes the community a natural location to host this challenge.


By convening students, researchers, policymakers, health care professionals, and entrepreneurs from across the state, the challenge, will propel the exploration and analysis of Indiana’s data to deliver powerful insights and innovative solutions that result in an improved suite of data and tools for OB Navigator. Recently released social determinants datasets are expected to add an additional layer of insight. Solutions will be conveyed through the telling of a data story by participants presenting answers to key questions and providing concrete insights that are central to improving infant and maternal health in Indiana.

Additional information about OB Navigator including a schedule of public events is found at


Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza Winners

First Place Student Submission

The HILS Crew, University of Michigan
Department of Learning Health Sciences, Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) Program
Team Members: Stephanie Hall, Hyeon Joo, Emily Kobernik, Roshan Paudel, Kate Weber

Video description:
Slides: HILS Datapalooza.pptx

Infant mortality is strongly related to maternal health and social determinants. We combined Datapalooza datasets on county-level prevalence of maternal health measures (e.g., preterm birth, maternal stress, substance use disorders) with datasets on community-level health indicators (published by County Health Rankings and Roadmaps) into a visual presentation of local risk profiles. Measures were normalized into Z-scores and mapped as better (blue) or worse (red) than state average. Juxtaposing relevant maternal and infant health measures with actionable social determinants allows the OB Navigators program to identify points of intervention, mimic areas of resilience/success, and strategically deploy resources. The County Chooser tab allows for exploration of localized health profiles. The Measure Chooser tab allows for comparison of individual indicators across the state.  


Second Place Student Submission

Mastodon, Purdue University Fort Wayne
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Team Members: Nguyen Nguyen, Hang Fey Chan, Xiao Yuan, Linh Le, Yanxuan Liang

Data Visualization and Cluster Analysis modules:
Predictive Analytics module:

Mastodon team from Purdue Fort Wayne created two interactive web applications, one for the visualization of multiple datasets on an Indiana map and one for predicting the probability of infant mortality, to help with Indiana's goal of reducing the infant mortality rate.


Poster Presenter Winner, Student Submission

IU Data Science, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Team Members: Bolu Oluwalade, Sahitesh Reddypelly, Ananth Reddy Bhimireddy!/vizhome/infantmortalityandEDA/EDAofpredictors 


First Place Professional Submission

Business Clinical Intelligence, IU Health
Team Members: Ingrid Arreola, Aubrey Xiong!/vizhome/InfantMortalityinIndiana_15703644982000/1_IndianaInfantMortality

 Indiana faces significant challenges in the area of infant mortality. The well-being of expecting mothers and their children determines the health of the next generation. We explore the national trends of infant mortality, explore rates in the Midwest, the racial disparity in Indiana, and a clinical view of infant mortality. Our data visualization looks at other factors, such as social determinants of health, due to their impact on health outcomes. We also leverage Indiana University Health electronic medical record data to dig deeper into the medical and social factors that impact patients.

Our data visualization looks at information from various sources including: MPH, Indiana Data Hub, ISDH, Census, CDC, FSSA, and IU Health. First, we explore national and Midwest trends by using the CDC Wonder data. Next, we dive into infant mortality in Indiana by using data sets from MPH: Indiana Data Hub to explore infant mortality rates and causes. The Indiana State Department of Health produces the Natality Report, Mortality Report, and WIC Program information. We use this to look at county trends. We also dive into social determinants of health by utilizing the U.S. Census Bureau: SAIPE and SAHIE, which provides county level information. Other data used is from the FSSA on TANF and SNAP program information. Finally, we conclude with data from IU Health which allows us to dig deeper into clinical diagnosis groupings, social factors based on patient registration information for a more granular examination of relationships between the medical and social factors.

The data visualization contains various data sources and to maximize on space the first portion of the data relies more heavily on viz in tooltip, providing additional context for the user to explore trends. Instructions for the second portion of the data visualization are included at the bottom of the dashboard.

Second Place Professional Submission

Business Intelligence Team, Parkview Health
Team Members: David Franks, Bobby Marden, Sai Kiran Reddy Gounim, Kayla McGee, Francis Vadakathala!/vizhome/DatapaloozaVizualStart/Findings
Datapolooza - Final Presentation Parkview BI .pptx
Utilized a custom-built Tableau Dashboard to determine key findings in our search for healthy moms and babies.


Poster Presenter Winner, Professional Submission

Mommy and Data - Parkview Health

Team Members: Allyson Gaylor, Gregory Bloom, Sarah Barrow, Stacey Delagrange

_Mommy and Data DataPalooza Slides.pptx

Congratulations to all the finalists!

Student teams:

Business Exponential - Krannert School of Business, Purdue University

UIndy MSDA Team - University of Indianapolis - Datapalozza UIndy - Final Presentation.pptx

Gophers - Purdue University - Healthy Mom + Baby Presentation_Team gopher(2).pptx

Professional Teams:

CSpring - CSpring_Datapalooza_Presentation.pptx

Informatics Research Team - Parkview Health - Datapolooza - Final Presentation Parkview BI .pptx

Transform Consulting Group - :!/vizhome/IndianaMotherandInfantHealthDashboard/MotherInfantHealthDashboard

M+ - IU Health Academic Center -  M+.pdf