The Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza

October 5, 8:00am, EDT - 2:30pm, EDT

Parkview Health 

Parkview Education Center

1919 West Cook Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46818


The Data Visualization and Analytics Challenge

October 5, 2019

Indiana has set an ambitious goal to reduce the state’s infant mortality rate, making it the lowest among Midwestern states by 2024. To support this effort, Indiana HIMSS in coordination with Indiana FSSA, the Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Management Performance Hub, the Regenstrief Institute, and KSM Consulting will conduct a data visualization and analytics challenge hosted by Parkview Health in Fort Wayne. By convening students, researchers, policymakers, health care professionals, and entrepreneurs from across the state, the challenge will propel the exploration and analysis of Indiana’s data deliver powerful insights and innovative solutions that result in better health outcomes for Hoosier moms and babies.