Chapter Election Information 2021-2022

Chapter Board Elections

The Chapter Board Elections for 2021 are now open. If you are interested in joining the HIMSS Indiana Chapter Board of Directors, contact Jim Fall, President, at


Vision: Better health for all through information and technology.

Mission: Lead endeavors in Indiana that optimize health engagements and care outcomes through information and technology.

Serving on the Board

HIMSS Indiana Chapter was founded in 2005. We are seeking leadership, thoughtful decision-making and support from the Board of Directors to succeed. Click here for the job descriptions for HIMSS Indiana Chapter Board of Directors.

Board Member Term for 2021

This is a 3-year term that will start on July 1, 2021 and end on June 30, 2024.

Board Size and Structure

HIMSS Indiana Chapter is governed by a board of directors whose members serve up to two three-year terms.

Duties of the Board

The Board as a whole is responsible for the following duties that are essential to the success of the Indiana Chapter Board:

  • Determine the Chapter’s Mission, Purposes, Values and Operating Norms
  • Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
  • Ensure Adequate Resources
  • Manage Resources Effectively
  • Determine, Monitor, and Strengthen the Chapter's Programs
  • Promote the Chapter’s Public Standing
  • Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity and Maintain Accountability
  • Recruit and Orient New Board Members and Assess Board Performance


Board Selection Process

Board members will be chosen through an election process that allows any interested individual who has been an HIMSS Indiana Chapter member for at least one year to apply. Applications will be reviewed be the elections committee to make sure candidates fulfill the necessary criteria. Qualified applicants will then be put before the entire membership for voting.

How to Apply

To be considered as a board member, please download the application and submit it to the HIMSS Indiana Chapter President at

The nomination period starts April 5, 2021 and closes May 7,2021.

Elections will open on May 14, 2021 through May 28, 2021. 

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of being a board member, contact HIMSS Indiana Chapter President, Jim Fall, at