Movie Screening - "No Matter Where"

February 8, 6:00pm, EST - 8:00pm, EST

Keystone Art Cinema & Indie Lounge 
8702 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240


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This 76-minute documentary brings alive the concept of healthcare information exchange and its importance to effective and safe healthcare.  To assume that doctors always have access to your medical information, no matter where it is needed, is wrong.  Your medical information may be trapped behind a closed door - unable to be retrieved when you are in the emergency room, or the victim of a natural disaster, or even when you are traveling.  However, thanks to ordinary citizens exhibiting extraordinary tenacity, we have begun to witness a transformation in the healthcare system, where patient information is available no matter where it is needed.  This transformation has been slow, at times painful, occasionally dramatic, unfortunately, traumatic to some, and not universally supported.

This documentary follows the journey of pioneers who have shepherded us into this era and provides a glimpse into the lives of patients, healthcare providers, and advocates and adversaries from the public and private sectors.  Follow a team of crusaders - doctors, nurses, widows, parents, and souses - working to fix this problem. A panel discussion as well as food and drinks will be provided following the movie screening.